Thursday, May 6, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Result Show TOP 5

This week one of five idol hopeful must facing their fate. Fate of their journey because one of five idol hopeful journey must ended this week. Whether girl again left this week?? So left the competition for all boys or one boy will arrive in home sweet home???

As usual opening performance did by all contestants. Five contestant singing a jazz song and not lip sync hahaha…. They performance is good and I like it, if that performance have a studio record, I really want to heard that version. After that Ryan bring the result and Lee is the first contestant to save for another week and place on spot in top four.

After that Lady Gaga took the stage and bring her new single called “Alejandro”. Before she sang “Alejandro”, she sang “Bad Romance” with slow and smooth version. Lady Gaga just sang that song with only piano and so good. Bout the new single “Alejandro” not a catchy song like “Bad Romance” or “Telephone”. I think “Alejandro” like “Paparazzi”, when you heard the song for the first time, you wouldn’t like it, but after you heard again again and again, you will be like that song.

Finally Harry Connick Jr. take the stage and I don’t know he sang a song from himself or from Frank Sinatra. But what I believe right is the five contestant sing Harry Connick Jr. song. I think I’ve become falling in love with jazz song, because whatever jazz songs singing in tonight result show, I love all of them songs. All songs is great!!!

Before Harry Connick Jr. singing in idol stage, a video play in idol stage about Harry Connick Jr. with all the contestants. You know what?? Harry Connick Jr. is a hilarious person, so funny, so talented and he humor like Ellen, So he and Ellen was the ideal couple to make a great humor I think hahaha…..

So bring us to the result again. Ryan separate to two group. First group standing beside the piano filled by two person with initial C, Crystal Bowersox and Casey James. Second group standing over Ryan Seacrest are Michael Lynch and Aaron Kelly. Michael and Aaron are the bottom two this week and one of them will headed to going home.

The result announced by Ryan and the seventeen years old Aaron Kelly must stop in top five. So he not join in the top four and will as soon as possible going home to his city born.

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