Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Review Grand Final American Idol Season Nine

My review for grand final American Idol season nine :

Lee Dewyze – The Boxer
For me, that performance is better than what you did before. You more connect to the song and the connection was terrific. It feels you tell your story in American Idol competition. That was a good performance to open the show, but I know you can more than this.

Crystal Bowersox – Me & Bobby McGhee
I think, what you did before better than this, but that performance also a good performance. In the beginning a little bit ordinary, but goes to the end you show a great vocal performance. Agree with Simon, glad to see you back in the game, after has a difficult week by week. Good performance by you and you are a difficult contender for Lee.

Lee Dewyze – Everybody Hurts
The producer is picking a perfect song choice for you, Lee. I see a tremendous job by you in how you feel the song, connect with the song and deliver the message to the people. That was tremendous, Lee. The emotion was tremendous, but I want to see you more in vocal performance. Agree with Simon again, you must give it 10 out of 10 because we know you can do that and make it happen.

Crystal Bowersox –
Wow! You really want to win this competition, Crystal. You show a performance full of effort and again the vocal performance was hot. When you down from the stair to the stage, you show a great confidence in how you walk, how you sing and in your face. Well done Crystal. That’s terrific.

Lee Dewyze – Beautiful Days
I agree with Kara. Sometime you have a good moment and sometime you have a bad moment in your performance, but Lee see your journey in American Idol really blew me away. Look at you when you came to the audition and see your performance in first live show, lack of confidence and star presence. Now look at you, you more confidence and the star presence so shine from you. You show to all the people in the world, how could this show change somebody from nothing become something. You are the most growing up contestant in this season and you really deserve to standing in the final, Lee. Very very incredible journey….

Crystal Bowersox –
Crystal, when the contestant has the peak moment in the final, that contestant keeps a big chance to win. You just show that, Crystal. That a peak moment by you so far in this competition. The vocal is great, your emotion was terrific, and everything about your performance is spectacular. That performance is my favorite performance from you in this season and also my favorite performance entire of season nine. That performance is a great performance to close this whole competition and I believe that performance can bring you to win this competition. Wowwwwww…..!!!! Go Mamasox!!!

So my superstar for the final edition of season nine is……

Crystal Bowersox

My rank performance of final night in American Idol Season 9 :
1. Crystal Bowersox Third Performance
2. Crystal Bowersox Second Performance
3. Lee Dewyze Second Performance
4. Lee Dewyze First Performance
5. Crystal Bowersox First Performance
6. Lee Dewyze Third Performance

Honeslty befor I watch their performance in final. My favorite to win this competition is Lee Dewyze. My reason pick Lee to be a winner in American Season Nine is incredible journey by him in this competition. He just prove how can this show change somebody life. Lee just showed that by change from nothing became something. That was my reason why I really want Lee win this competition.

But now my favorite is change….

After watch final performances, my favorite move from Lee to Crystal. Crystal showed great performances in the final. She just showed that she really want to win this competition. This is singing competition and Crystal gave fantastic vocal performances in the final. Not just that, she deserve to win because she is the most consistent contestant in this season nine and the contestant who really know herself from first live show. I think she is the best contestant of this season and also the best vocal/voice in this season. This is singing competition and Crystal has all great things need in singing competition because of that she really deserves to win.

I want Lee win because his fantastic journey in Idol and fantastic growing up in this competition.
I want Crystal win because she has a fantastic voice/vocal, fantastic musicality and everything whose need by an artist or singing competition she has it.

So who will win?? Watch the final part of American Idol Season Nine or last result show of this season with live in Star World @7AM (For JKT and Bangkok) (Also for Asian people only)

WHO WILL WIN???? CRYSTAL!!!!!! LEE!!!!!..... just let see haha ^^

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