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Indonesian Idol Top 14, This Is My Review

This is my review for tonight performance

Ray – Dealova
Wowww… Ray you give me a goosebumps, I think this is the first time I feel a lot of goosebumps in this show. That’s great. Two times you perform in opening, that’s great and again you make the standard so high right in the beginning of the show. For other contestant, watch out!!!

Keyko – Separuh Nafasku (Half My Breath)
For the voice, for me you don’t have a big problem. You can sing well, but you must a little bit slow and calm a little bit. You push too much, you bring too much energy from the beginning, and at some moment over thinking for me. Keyko, You have an improvement and give a progression tonight, but you still have homework to do Keyko, definitely in up-beat song.

Dea – Masih Cinta (Still Love)
I must clear this, I think. For me this performance same great like what you’re doing before. One thing better than your previous performance is the dynamic. You gave a great dynamic, but at the beginning when you sing the song with very softly, you lose yourself and I can’t the identity of Dea. The identity of Dea didn’t out in the beginning of the performance. When you go to the half of the song the identity of Dea more out. So there is some progression, but there is some going backward thing. But you still a strong contestant.

Gilang – Wajahmu Mengalihkan Duniaku (Your Face Turned My World)
Gilang, for three week the problem for you is you can’t blend with the song. This time 75% you can blend with the song, but at the middle after you gave the flower to Agnes you become confuse and don’t know what you should do. From that moment your performance is getting worse too much improvement and more over tune (pitchy) and also you’re breathing is getting worse too. Not good performance for me, Gilang.

Rio – Separuh Jiwaku Pergi (Half My Soul Away)
Rio you too fast in the beginning, but I like your voice when the end of the sentence in the beginning part, it sounded beautiful. Make me realize if you sing with smooth and the notes is right in the pocket, you voice sounded so beautiful. In this performance, I felt you more blend with the song right now and make me can feel your emotion, but lately your vocal performance is going down. The vocal performance is not great like when you sing the song previous. Overall this performance is better than what you doing last couple week.

Tesa – Matahariku (My Sun)
I love your outlook. Very current, make you more look beautiful and your beauty very very out and so shinning tonight. Tesa, in this time I must agree with Anang. In the end, your energy not maximum so make the dynamic not perfect. Yes, you sing with the dynamic and your improvement also well. Just for me a little bit lack of energy in the end, so feel flat for me. Overall that a great vocal performance, you can hit the high notes with very good that’s awesome. At least, this is singing competition and you show a hot vocal performance.

Citra – Mau Dibawa Kemana (Want To Be Taken Where)
That performance is so cool, Citra!!!. My favorite performance so far in this tonight show. I like everything you show tonight. You so have fun in that stage, you so relax, very comfortable and make all people got have fun and very comfort see you in that stage. Fantastic Citra!! Keep up the good work!....

Andi – Kasih Tak Sampai (Impossible Love)
In the beginning not good vocal performance for me, because at some point you over tune (I mean pitchy), but when you sing in the reff part and goes to the end that’s alright. Andi, definitely you have a good voice, but that performance not have a special moment for me so I’m not sure that performance will be so memorable. That song is so deep, but you didn’t give the deep of the song. So your performance just alright and okay for me and also very save performance.

Windra – Isabella
You looks so weird when you want to sing, no expression. The make over is really work for you, you more good looking tonight. Back to your performance, that performance so robotic for me, I better heard you in the radio, I hate your act and body language in that stage very robotic, so stiff!!. Overall that not very good, not good performance for me, a little bit boring, no special moment, forgettable and many people can sing like that especially the people have an ability like you, Windra. What a good things about you, you sing with the honesty and have a great accent melayu. Maintain the good things and improve the bad things. Still have a lot to do for you Windra, especially if you want this competition and stay longer in this competition.

Mona – Aku Harus Jujur (I Must Honest)

That performance much million better than your last performance. I think definitely you can sing with good, Mona. My advise for you : learn to make a climax and explore yourself again to find something special in yourself who can make you different and unique than the other. Find the special thing and show it in to your performance, I think you will be great!!

Ica – Mati Rasa (Numb)

What I like of this performance is I like the concept of your performance, the trumpet thing, a dramatic thing, I liked it so much. When you start singing, maybe this is will be the best performance by you because it so interesting performance, but I’m wrong. You push too much in the end, and make your performance so bad, very bad. You really really want show your ability to hit the high notes, but actually destroyed. Ica you have a great vocal ability, but you too much tonight and maybe you will be in trouble tonight.

Fendi – Status Palsu (False Status/Fake Status/Fake ID)
Your style is very cool tonight Fendi and also your act stage. So far your style and your act performance in the stage is the best so far, but you’re singing so ordinary and feel so save. Nothing special with you’re singing. It seems this is what you can do in this competition, you cover your singing with your style and your act performance in stage because that thing can make your performance more special and more memorable. If you want to be a singer, you must really really improve and study more more n more how to sing with great. If you just satisfied with this, you will have a difficult career in solois, better you make a boy band.

Igo – Pandangan Pertama (First Sight)
Igo, I’m impress with your performance. Yes, you have a problem with tempo and a groovy thing. But this is what I want and I expected from your performance. You more relax in your performance, not too much improvement, and your emotion controllable with very well. Agree with Erwin, between all contestants in this competition, you’re the one who give the significant progression and I hope you still give a significant progression next week, and I believe you will.

Diana – Harmoni Cinta (Harmony Love)
Wow you are a brave woman. You pick again song that you fail to sing, I’m impress with that. I know what you expect from this performance. Whether that risky is paid off?? a good news Diana. That was a great performance. You prove to all judges and Indonesian people that you can sing this song and you can conquer this song. Just two persons can give me a goosebumps in this competition Ray for male contestant and you Diana for a female contestant. Definitely you deserve in next week competition and I think big five is waiting for you, Diana.

That’s my review…….
The superstars of the night between Ray, Citra, & Diana. But I really impress with Diana. So my superstar tonight is…… and the person who get the throne is………


This is my rank for all contestant in top 14 :
Strong performance and deserve in the next week competition in other word compete in top 13
1. Diana
2. Citra
3. Ray

Not strong but still good and have a big chance through to the next round, very deserve in my opinion
4. Mona

Good performance but still have issues who can make them out from the competition or landed them in the bottom three in tonight show competition
5. Dea
6. Tesa
7. Andi
8. Igo
9. Fendi
10. Keyko

In my opinion they will be in trouble and maybe one of them will be out. My prediction one of them will be out.
11. Rio
12. Gilang
13. Ica
14. Windra

My prediction :
My bottom three for tonight performance : Gilang, Ica and Windra
My prediction will out from the competition : between Gilang and Windra…. And I pick Windra

I know the bad performance of the night are Ica for the female and Windra for the male, but Ica has more potential to be great than Windra. So for Ica and Gilang this moment just the moment for slap them to realize and more improve their performance. So I more happy if Windra out of the competition.

As soon as possible I will give the recap tonight show and of course the result.... Wait for my next post.... Thank you!! and See ya!!

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