Thursday, May 20, 2010

Officially this site will support Citra for the next Indonesian Idol

After workshop round is over and first spectacular round shown, I make decision who contestant will I or this site support to be the next Indonesian Idol. Before I announced who I support to be the next Indonesian Idol, I will tell you how this decision is made.

In my pocket, I’ve got some name to get my full support for this season Indonesian Idol. They are Citra, Dea, Diana, Ray, and maybe Andi. But one name must eliminated because Andi left right in the first spectacular show. So just left four name between Citra, Dea, Diana and Ray.

Dea is absolutely great and she has a big chance to get the title Indonesian Idol 2010, but last performance I think she lost a little bit identity. Because that reason, I’m not longer support Dea in Indonesian Idol competition.

Just left three name between Citra, Diana and Ray. Ray is my third place favorite. I know he on the great progression week after week, but what Citra did and Diana did more make blew me away than Ray. So in other word, Ray is my top favorite among male contestant.

So pick one between Citra and Diana is so hard. This two girls give a tremendous performance in last performance and both of them prove that they have a superstar aura. So with many consideration, I make my decision.

Sorry for Diana because you be my second place favorite. Both of them are great, but I more fall in love with Citra voice than Diana. Citra voice is so unique and very different. I believe if Citra can pick a right song, she can survive in this competition until top five.

So my full support will be for Citra from Yogyakarta. 

Vote for Citra in Indonesian Idol!!!!!......

Don’t forget to catch the Indonesian Idol show in RCTI @9PM WIB……..

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indonesia said...

Yuhuuu, untung aku dah beli parabola jadi bisa nonton siaran televisi Indonesia termasuk RCTI.

Nonton Citra ah, sesama dari Jogja soalnya :)

ArD said...

Walaupun dah di Aussie tetap nonton siaran Indonesia hehehe TOP!! ^^

Wah satu kampung halaman toh dengan Citra. Citra keren banget penampilannya membawakan "Menghapus Jejakmu"......

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