Wednesday, May 5, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Frank Sinatra Week

Last season top five turn to jazzy week and this season (season 9) same. Top five American Idol hopeful must compete in jazzy week. This mentor had incredible job, not just give advise to the contestant, but also play the piano during the contestant singing. The mentor is Harry Connick Jr., he is a jazz singer and selling approximately 25 million album around the world.

First contestant to show the performance is Aaron Kelly. Aaron Kelly opening the show with a song called “Fly Me To The Moon”. All judges thought that Aaron performance is good, Ellen said that a beautiful performance, Simon said Sinatra is a lion and you are a mouse. Casey James singing “Blue Skies”, Randy said this is the worst performance by Casey James, Kara said Casey sound like a lamb. Crystal Bowersox singing “Summer Wind”, Randy said a little bit sleepy for me, Simon said in last two weeks you have okay performance. Michael Lynch singing “The Way You Look Tonight”, if I’m not wrong last season this song singing by Kris Allen, Randy said this is what is all about Michael Lynch is headed to win this competition. The last but not least Mr. Dewyze close the show by singing “That’s Life”, Kara said Are you believe you can win this competition?? Because you can win this competition, Simon said best performance of the night.

That’s a little recap, now it’s time for my review :

Aaron Kelly
I think I agree with all judges. He is doing good in jazz week, it feel so effortless and give 100% to his performance. Aaron performance show that he really really want stay a little bit longer in this competition, I mean save for another week and go to the top four American Idol Season 9.

Casey James
This is the first time I heard Casey James singing very pitchy all over the place. This is not his element so he look so struggle for this week. Look very uncomfortable when he sang, I think because this is the first he lost his guitar and not using the guitar in the performance. Look very stiff, clumsy, and yeah I must agree with Randy the worst performance by Casey James. I think he better use his guitar…. ;p

Crystal Bowersox
Of course and as always Crystal performance is good, but just good is not enough for condition like this. This competition already in top five, of curse the competition more hard and more competitive, so every contestant should bring a great performance and nail it every week, if that contestant want in to the grand final. If Crystal did an okay performance only in last week, I think it doesn’t matter because last week Crystal show a great musicality too. This week Crystal performance just good and I just love the second part of the song or in other word the end of the part. I hope Crystal not in trouble and still keep the chance to the grand final.

Michael Lynch
Michael Lynch is getting more stronger. Two consecutive weeks he is doing very very great. Everything is great. Definitely Randy right this daddy really really want this thing, I mean win this competition. I’m impress by what he’s doing now!! Go Big Mike!!!

Lee Dewyze
Lee, your performance one of the strongest performance tonight and I think the best of the night. Again that one of strongest performance by Lee Dewyze in all entire Idol competition. I’m impress with you because I never thought you can that so great in Jazz week. You singing Jazz song very well and you didn’t lost yourself. Lee you’re really have a big chance to win this competition. Great job and well done!!

I have three people in under consideration to be my superstar this week. They are Aaron Kelly, Lee Dewyze and Michael Lynch. Lee and Michael more great than Aaron, so Aaron place in number three this week. So left Lee and Michael. Lee is the best performance of the night, but I more impress with Michael because he doing great in two consecutive week and I never put him in number one spot since “A Woman’s Work” performance. So for this week, My superstar is :

Michael Lynch

This is my rank for Frank Sinatra week :
1.Michael Lynch
2.Lee Dewyze
3.Aaron Kelly
4.Crystal Bowersox
5.Casey James

I think this week one another great week in season 9. Three contestant give the best shot and really deserve to through in top 4 and they are Aaron Kelly, Lee Dewyze and Michael Lynch. Crystal also deserve in to top four, because she has a incredible journey in this season. So just one person who really deserve to going home this week and that is Casey James.

If Casey James out from the competition, I will be so happy because America did a right thing. In this season so many time American did a wrong thing and make somebody leave the competition to fast. So I just hope America did a right thing this week and I hope my last favorite (Aaron Kelly) in to the top four, Go AK!!!

Don’t miss the result show tomorrow @5PM in star world *for asian people.

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