Saturday, May 8, 2010

Indonesian Idol 2010 Wildcard Round (Part 2)

That’s my review and who will I pick to the spectacular show??? OF COURSE CITRA!!!!! Hahahaha….. I’m so happy by what Citra doing tonight in the wildcard round. All of my hope and expectation answer by her performance. So fall in love with her performance, because she not just doing good but great wonderful fantastic spectacular performance. If with that performance she not made it in the spectacular show, I will be so shock. So my first pick absolutely Citra. Go Citra!!!!

My pick will be the last four performance from Andi till Rio. More clear are Andi, Citra, Zulfa and Rio. After that Tesa, Michael, Eza and Mela. So for more clearly look the rank bellow :
1. Citra
2. Andi
3. Rio
4. Zulfa
5. Tesa
6. Michael
7. Eza
8. Mela

So who will Indonesia pick??? Let see……

Before the result, Indonesian Idol bring the funny moment called “Coba Lagi Award”. This award is for people who have a freaky audition, so weird, unique but interesting. If I’m not wrong seven people choose by Indonesian Idol and from that seven people one of them will get the coba lagi award. The person get the award is the person who sang "Biarkanku sendiri tanpa kamu lagi..." and dance a freak style, honestly I'm forgot the name.

Before talking about the result. I just get the confuse with the rules of this season, the rules is so complicated and very not transparent. I think in the spectacular show only just twelve people, but not fourteen people for this season. I think four contestant in this wildcard round will be determine by Indonesian people vote, but I’m wrong again just two contestant determine by Indonesian people and the last two will be judges pick. Very confusing and not transparent, so if Indonesian Idol read my post, If you make a rule please announce to the audience by live before all contestant doing the performance to make the people who watching not confuse with the rules.

Back to the wildcard round, Daniel will announce the result. First Daniel announced the result from Indonesian people vote. Citra and Rio have the highest vote, so both of them will be compete in the spectacular show. So left 6 people in the bench waiting for their result. They result will decide by all judges. Eza told by all the judges that his performance is the baddest of the night from male group. Anang, Agnes and Erwin pick Zulfa for the baddest performance in the female side, but Melly choose Tesa for the baddest in female side.

So left Michael and Andi in the male group. In the female group left Mela and Tesa. Hufff I relief that judges pick Tesa to compete in the spectacular show and not Mela, if judges pick Mela I will be so shock!!!!

All judges get the hard time when deciding Michael or Andi deserve in spectacular show. Michael got two votes and Andi got two votes two. Michael got votes from Anang Hermansyah and Agnes Monica, Andi got votes from Melly Goeslaw and Erwin Gutawa. Daniel said we can’t and very impossible make to be top fifteen, so all judges must decide just one of them through in spectacular show. Daniel ask the head of judges that Erwin Gutawa to decide and Erwin Gutawa choose Andi. So here it is your top fourteen already built.

So…. This is all your top fourteen Indonesia :
The girls
Citra – Dea – Diana – Ica - Keyko – Mona & Tesa
For the guys
Andi – Fendi – Gilang – Igo - Ray – Rio & Windra

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indonesia said...

Untung aku beli parabola jadi tetep bisa nonton Indonesian Idol dari sini :)

Citra emang TOP :)

Donny Verdian

ArD said...

Betul Citra memang TOP!! ^^

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