Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lee Dewyze Is The Winner of American Idol Season 9

American Idol season nine is wrapped. Everybody already knows who the winner of this season and Lee Dewyze is the winner of this year. For three consecutive years, the girls are beaten by the guys. For two consecutive years, in season 7 and season 8 both are guys in the finale, but in this season very lucky one girl can take one spot in the finale. Unfortunately the fortune is not for a girl.

Lee Dewyze is so incredible. If you see the growing-up did by Lee from the beginning of the show until the end of the competition, you will see the tremendous growing-up did by Lee. Lee came up the audition with lack of confidence and star presence. When you see the audition of Lee who can predict Lee can win the competition??, but the growing-up by Lee in this competition make him win this competition.

If Crystal is stronger from the early of the competition, but Lee became stronger from week to week. The moment make Lee look like a superstar is when he sang a song called “Treat Her Like a Lady”, from that performance Lee Dewyze more shining and the performance more improve in the future weeks. I think from this moment more people like him and many people predict he can win the competition.

I was pleased with Lee’s victory, although I want Crystal win the competition if see Crystal performances in finale. Why I was pleased with Lee’s victory?? Because like Simon said your journey is this competition all about, somebody from paint seller became a superstar in music industry and can change you from nothing to be something. Also from uncofidence became confidence. That reason why I want Lee win this competition. Like Kara said when talked to Ryan Seacrest in Ryan website, Crystal will win if people choice based on performances in the finale, but Lee will win if people more fell in love by Lee journey. Apparently people prefer Lee’s journey.

In the real world, I’m not worried about this guy. I believe he will have a tremendous career. If he release the album, I believe Lee album more acceptable than Crystal because 100% I’m sure that Lee will record a easy listening song. I’m very sure because see by what he did in the competition and heard his album when he competed in the American Idol. The album is so easy listening and very pop-rock album.

My advised for Lee, just believing yourself, that’s the key to be successful person and be special. There’s no secret ingredient, just believe it yourself to be special. Lee just do it what you believe and did like what you did in American Idol competition, with that people will still liked you. People already love and like you as a person, now just making an album can be acceptable by the people. Go Lee!! U can do it!!!....

I can’t wait for your album, Lee. I hope your album like what I expected, if your album liked my expectation, there’s a chance I will buy your album hehe……

Watch history performances of Lee Dewyze :
Top 24 - Top 12 Guys - Chasing Cars
Top 20 - Top 10 Guys - Lips of an Angel
Top 16 - Top 8 Guys - Fireflies
Top 12 - Rolling Stones Week - Beast Of Burden
Top 11 - Billboard No.1 Hit - The Letter
Top 10 - R&B Week - Treat Her Like A Lady
Top 9 - Lennon&McCartney Songbooks Week - Hey! Jude
Top 9 Again - Elvis Week - Little Less Conversation
Top 7 - Inspiration Week - The Boxer
Top 6 - Shania Twain Songbooks Week - You're Still The One
Top 5 - Sinatra Week - That's Life
Top 4 - Movie Week - Kiss From A Rose
Top 4 - Movie Week - With Crystal Bowersox - Falling Slowly
Top 3 - Own Choice - Simple Man
Top 3 - Judges Pick - Hallelujah
Top 2 - The Best Performance - The Boxer
Top 2 - Producer Pick - Everybody Hurts
Top 2 - Single Song - Beautiful Days

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