Monday, May 24, 2010

Harmoni @SCTV

Friday, 20 May 2010
For the first time I watched the show called Harmoni. Harmoni shown in SCTV (SCTV is one of the national television in Indonesia). Harmoni is a music concert and this music concert lead by Andi Rianto and accompanied by Magenta Orchestra. Magenta Orchestra is a team music orchestra who built by Andi RIanto. In my knowledge, Harmoni concert just shown once in a month. But when I watched this show, I think once a month not enough maybe SCTV must make twice a month haha…..

Harmoni concert invite many popular artist in Indonesia. Like the concert I watched last Friday, this show invite artist like Gita Gutawa, Duo Maya, Kuburan (Vocalist), Seventeen (Vocalist), Sherina, Afgan and many more. Of course they are singing a popular song too. The arrangement of the song changed by Andi Rianto, so the popular songs who already knew by the people feel so different, unique and so refreshing and also sounded great. That reason who make me fall in love with this show. It is one of great Indonesia music event. I can’t wait for next episode of Harmoni concert haha…..

Honestly, I’m not watched this show with full. Although like that, I’m still glad because I can see a great show like Harmoni concert. So for the next edition of Harmoni concert, I must watch.

Now I will share to you about a great performance in this Harmoni concert. A song called “Lupa Lupa Ingat” who had been popular by Kuburan Band feel so different when the arrangement changed. This performance is one of a great performance of that night. It so unique performance, so refreshing performance, also sounded good and this performance can show a funny moment too.

Afgan also show a great performance. Afgan sing three songs in this concert like “Cinta Dua Hati”, “Terima Kasih Cinta” and “Cinta Satu Malam”. The best performance by Afgan is when he sang a last song “Cinta Satu Malam”, the old song who sang again by Afgan. Afgan performance feel so great and one of another peak moment in this Harmoni concert. You must see this performance, great!!! (Please see this video and enjoy ^^)

I have many favorite performances in this concert because of that I can’t share to you one by one. The last performance I will share to you is one of great performances too. The performers not a popular artist but the performance is very great. Sang with great and the arrangement is SICK, the arrangement blew me away so much and make me so stunning, insane!!. The performer is singers from Magenta Orchestra with one boy and three girls. They sang ten popular songs with medley. The ten popular songs are “Kejujuran Hati” (Popular by Kerispatih), “Bukan Cinta Biasa” (Popular by Afgan), “Serpihan Sesal” (Popular by Duo Maya), “Nuansa Bening” (The new version popular by Vidi Aldiano), “Untuk Mencintaimu” (Popular by Seventeen Band), “Ingat Kamu” (Popular by Duo Maya), “Cinta Putih” (Popular by Kerispatih), “Tak Perlu Keliling Dunia” (Popular by Gita Gutawa), “Bukan Permainan” (Popular by Gita Gutawa) and closed by the song “Sepanjang Usia” (Popular by Kerispatih). See?? The arrangement so insane because can medley ten popular songs with smooth, unique, different, refreshing so much and sounded so fantastic great wonderful WOW!!!. This performance so stunning me so much and I will give standing ovation to this performance.

The other performance that I’m not shared in this post also good and great. Like Gita Gutawa feat. Duo Maya sing a song “Mau Tapi Malu”, Sherina sing a hit song from her “Cinta Pertama dan Terakhirku”, and many more.

That’s it… what I can share to you, guys!!! If you have a chance to see this concert again, you must watch it guys!!!. So this is the time for me to sign out, see you again in my next post and don’t forget to catch Harmoni concert in next month only in SCTV and also don’t miss my post talking about that concert, okay??? Bye bye guys!! ^^

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indonesia said...

Masih bagusan Harmony sebelumnya, Mas.. ada Padi dengan Begitu Indah-nya :)

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ArD said...

Oh ya??? saya baru pertama kali nonton acara harmoni ;p

saya pikir negh acara garing ternyata keren banget!!!.... sayang saya baru nonton mulai episode kemaren >.<

Wah ternyata walaupun tinggal di Australia tetep ga ketinggalan dengan acara - acara di Indonesia, sep!!

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