Wednesday, May 19, 2010

American Idol Big Three Performances, Who Will Make It In To The Finale?

Last three contestants take American Idol stage and that is Casey James, Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze. I think this top three performances not such a great show, just good. My expectation is in top three everybody should give a spectacular performance. The spectacular performance just perform by one and only Lee Dewyze in his last performance. Crystal doing good too, her performance feel so full of effort. For Casey, I don't think he show the best for him and beaten by Crystal and of course Lee.

This is my review :

Casey James
It's a nice performance. I can enjoy Casey performance, but this is big three and next week is the finale. I want a big and spectacular performance from every contestants. Also take a hard way not just pick a save song like what Casey did. That so save performance, just alright and okay. That performance indicate that you don't want to be in finale.

Crystal Bowersox
Crystal performance indicate what artist she want to be and what a record she want to make. You really really show who you are in that performance and I hope people like it and vote for Crystal. So we can see you in the finale.

Lee Dewyze - Simple Man
I don't feel that a very spectacular performance, but that performance still good for tonight and show to all people that Lee really want win this competition. It feel so effortless and so far Lee performance the most I liked. The thing that I liked about Lee too is you really grown up in this competition, look at Lee when in the early of competition and now, really different, sure thing in confidence and star presence.

Casey James - Daughter
Casey is back to the competition. Kara and Randy pick a right song choice for Casey. Casey should more show his emotion to the song, because when Casey get the emotion and really connect to the song, that performance will be so great. But I must agree with Simon, the climax not so great with this song, but for me I still liked it.

Crystal Bowersox - Maybe I'm Amazed
This is what I've been waiting for. This is a kind of performance that I want to see in big three performance. Crystal performance so great, very spectacular and I'm surprise Ellen can pick a great song for Crystal That was a hot vocal performance from Crystal and prove that Crystal is the best vocal in this big three. If Crystal not in the final, I will be shock, because Crystal the only one who has the best vocal, Crystal really know herself as an artist, and Crystal really consistent in this competition. So my pray and my hope, to see you in the final.

Lee Dewyze - Hallelujah
It's the first performance by Lee can make me feel a goosebumps. OMG that was a great great performance by Lee. This is the best performance by Lee so far in this competition, it so memorable and the best moment from Lee too in this competition. See what Lee did in this whole competition, Lee very deserve to be in the final. About the growing up, Lee are the most growing contestant in this competition. You beat two other contestant with clear in this big three performance. I hope I can see Lee in the final. Great job!!!!

So my superstar for big three performances is...............


This is my rank for big three performances :
1. Lee Dewyze Second Performance
2. Crystal Bowersox Second Performance
3. Casey James Second Performance
4. Lee Dewyze First Performance
5. Crystal Bowersox First Performance
6. Casey James First Performance

Don't miss the result show... tomorrow night in Star World for know who will out and who two American Idol hopeful make it to the finale. Juz for Asian People ^^

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