Saturday, May 29, 2010

Runner-Up American Idol Season 9, Crystal Bowersox!

American Idol season nine has ended. We knew the winner and also the runner-up. The runner-up for this season is Crystal Bowersox. For three consecutive years, the girls are beaten by the guys. Unfortunately, Mamasox must be satisfied in the second position.

Crystal journey in American Idol season nine is terrific. She is the most consistent in this season among other contestants. She shows who she is as an artist from the early of the competition. She plays guitar acoustic, guitar electric, piano, and harmonic. She also gave a great vocal performance and hit the high notes in many performances. The emotion to the song is tremendous too, just see her performance like “People Get Ready” and “Up To The Mountain”.

She got the peak moment in top seven when she sang “People Get Ready”. After that, Crystal’s performances are down week by week until top 2 she got the peak moment again. Top six when the theme turn to Shania Twain songbooks, Crystal performance still alright for me, but compare to the other contestants, she beaten by Aaron, Michael and Casey in that week because that three guy has more good performance than Crystal. Top five, I think in this week is the weakest performance from Crystal during season 9 idol competition, I put Crystal in bottom two performances for the first time because Crystal killed by Michael, Aaron and Lee who have better performances than her.

Top four back to Crystal. Top four is the weakest week in American Idol season nine, for me. Everybody perform bellow my standard and Crystal performance is the closest to my standard. In top three, Crystal really showed that she want to in the top two. She became a strong competitor to Lee Dewyze and together with Lee beat Casey James. In the finale, Crystal was showing the best performance by her and she got the peak moment after in top 7, in my opinion.

Based on performance in the finale, Crystal should won the competition because prove that Crystal is the best contestant in this season. She show a terrific vocal performance, tremendous connection with the song, and fantastic musicality in the finale. Unfortunately, the people gave more votes to Lee Dewyze because the touch journey of Lee Dewyze and a wonderful growing-up by Lee Dewyze.

In the future, honestly I’m not worried about Crystal. She definitely can survive in music industry. She knows she is as an artist and she know what record she wants to make. Crystal talent also great so with no doubt I believe that Crystal will be survives in music Industry.

My question is whether Crystal album can be accepted by the people??. Crystal usually selected a tough song to be heard in her performance in American Idol season nine. Some people hard to likes Crystal performance, really different with Lee Dewyze who picks an easy listening song in his performance. So I hope Crystal more wise when picks a song for her album.

My advised for Crystal is being wise when you pick songs for your album, Crystal. Crystal must combine between a song hard to listen and a song easy to listen because with that her album can more accepted by the people and also can show Crystal as an artist that she want.

Crystal, I believe you will have a great career in music industry. Just believe it yourself and do it what you want to do because you really really know who you are as an artist. I just hope you not make an album full of hard songs to listen . Hehe

Watch history performances by Crystal Bowersox in American Idol season 9
Top 24 - Top 12 Girls - Hand In My Pocket
Top 20 - Top 10 Girls - Long As I Can See The Light
Top 16 - Top 8 Girls - Give Me One A Reason
Top 12 - Rolling Stone Week - You Can't Always Get What You Want
Top 11 - Number One Billboard Week - Me & Bobby McGee
Top 10 - R&B Week - Midnight Train Of Georgia
Top 9 - Lennon & McCartney Songbooks Week - Come Together
Top 9 Again - Elvis Week - Saved
Top 7 - Inspiration Week - People Get Ready
Top 6 - Shania Twain Songbooks - No One Needs To Know
Top 5 - Sinatra Week - Summer Wind
Top 4 - Movie Week - I'm Alright
Top 4 - Movie Week - Wiht Lee Dewyze - Falling Slowly
Top 3 - Own Choice - Come To My Window
Top 3 - Judges Pick - Maybe I'm Amazed (Ellen pick)
Top 2 - The Best Performance - Me & Bobby McGee
Top 2 - Producer Pick - Black Velvet
Top 2 - Single Song - Up In The Air

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